Alone in Tokyo: How it made me “a better nurse”

I recently traveled to Japan to visit my son Richard, his wife Katie and my two wonderful grandchildren, Marina and Richie. I would like to share my experience and what it felt like to be in a new place, surrounded by people that I was not able to communicate with[…]

  1. Viviane Chan: Very good story & thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary Cohn: Thanks for a great story! Not everyone gets to have the experience of being surrounded by others who speak a…

  3. Cheryl: Thanks for sharing your story Joanne and the important message for how we care for our non-English speaking clients. Very…

  4. Deb Keane: What an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing it, Joanne

  5. lynn dorsey: Great story!

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You did it! Celebrating all our Nursing grads

  On Thursday, June 5, AAMC hosted its first annual Nursing Graduation celebration. Twenty five out of this year’s 58 nursing grads gathered to commemorate their achievement together. Both entry level nurses, as well as our lifelong learners who earned bachelor’s or master’s degree, were honored. AAMC’s COO/CNO, Sherry Perkins,[…]

  1. CaRRIE: Congrats to you all on a job well done!

  2. Brandy: Wow, what an accomplishment! Congratulations to all!

  3. Charlotte Wallace: Congratulations everyone! I hope you take a few moments to celebrate your huge acomplishment.

  4. Tori Bayless: Way to go "new" grads! My sincere congratulations to all of you. Tori

National Certified Nursing Assistant’s Week is June 12-19

To all of AAMC’s CNAs and techs, we appreciate your commitment, integrity and knowledge. We celebrate YOU during National Certified Nursing Assistant’s (CNA) Week — June 12-19.  CNAs and techs: You are invited to attend: “Stress Less: 30 Minutes of Wellness for CNAs” Thursday, June 12 at 3 p.m. in the[…]

  1. monicam: Clin Ed loved being able to provide the Stress Less stretching and massage classes for our techs. All, let us…

  2. Leah: I love my job and really enjoy working with all my ORA's and EVS's. We are a team, and try…

  3. Gena Kosmides: A huge thank you to all of our techs and our CNA's at AAHS! We couldn't do it without you!

AAMC’s Magnet® site visit planned for July 21-23

This just in… exciting news from our COO/CNO, Sherry Perkins! Dear Nursing Staff, I am beyond proud and delighted to announce that AAMC’s Magnet® document has been accepted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our next step will be to welcome the Magnet® appraisers during a site visit. Thank you[…]

  1. Tori Bayless: Such incredible work leading up to this point. I have every confidence in our nurses and the entire AAMC team,…

  2. Deb Keane: Let's get this party started ! Bring it on !!

  3. Deb Keane: Bring it on !