Congrats to AAMC’s first Nurse Residency Program graduates!

On June 19, AAMC graduated its first cohort of nurse residents from our newly designed Nurse Residency Program. These graduates were the first group to be a part of a new statewide, Nurse Residency Collaborative, supported by the Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE). Last year, AAMC joined with 14[…]

After visiting AAMC, fellow RN “inspired to be a better nurse.” A letter of thanks to our L&D and NICU teams.

Is there any greater complement than that from another nurse? This just makes us glow with pride. Way to go, L&D and NICU teams! I am taking the time to write you today about the exceptional experience that my family and I had at AAMC. My sister recently delivered her[…]

  1. Carol Lacher: Truly inspirational and amazing team work and compassionate care. Congrats to both units for doing their everyday patient family care.

  2. sandra dewberry: This makes me proud to be a part of our nursing staff

West coast mommy benefits from AAMC’s amazing Lactation services

Today the spotlight is on AAMC’s amazing Lactation Consultants! We know they work small miracles each day for the moms and babies in our care – and in this special story, they helped enable a stressed-out momma to better care for both her baby and her own mother. Mrs. M,[…]

  1. Carol Lacher: I am very blessed with an outstanding team of Lactation consultants that deliver everytime for the family needs on a…

  2. Mary Hantske: We are truly fortunate to have a wonderful team of lactation consultants, led by Peggy Haines! Thank you for all…

Magnet® Monday: What’s YOUR “pride story”?

During last week’s Magnet® mock site visit, we were challenged to have a “pride story” ready to share during our official visit (occurring Monday, July 21 through Wednesday, July 23, 2014). There is much to be proud of — so many moments stand out — but here are a few[…]

  1. Amy McGuire, RN: If I look even a little rushed, my fellow Neuro/HVU nurses and PCTs will ask if I need anything. It…

“My experience was wonderful.” Patient thanks ED & MSU Nurses, PCTs & Physicians, Nutrition staff, volunteers.

Love this team effort! To all involved in making this patient’s stay so wonderful, we thank you! Last month I was admitted to AAMC after passing out in a store. I wanted to give you feedback on my experience. No one ever wants to go to a hospital because of[…]

  1. Deb Keane: What a wonderful tribute !

A fellow nurse writes in: “So incredibly thankful” to the CCU team for care of family member

We especially love posting letters of thanks from other nurses. Is there any higher praise? Way to go, CCU team! This letter is written with the highest appraisal of your incredible nursing staff in the CCU. My mother-in-law was recently a patient, with multiple issues requiring massive amounts of vasopressors,[…]

  1. Ruth: I'm so grateful to be part of such an amazing team!

A Day on the Hill: AAMC nurses Jan Clemons and Lynn Graze attend ANA’s Lobby Day

On June 12, 2014, Jan Clemons, RN, and Lynn Graze, RN, attended the American Nurses Assoiciation’s (ANA) annual  Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. They joined over 200 nurses from 42 states and had the privilege of meeting with Congressional staff to discuss current nursing bills that impact nursing practice.  The four discussed[…]

  1. carol Namo: Thank you for being there to support our nursing profession. I think good, positive results will come of these meetings.…

  2. Charlotte Wallace: Thanks for speaking up on behalf of the nursing profession. Who knows our needs better than than us?! Proud of…

Celebrating techs across the hospital: Pediatrics’ Pamela Schwartz

Happy Certified Nursing Assistant’s Week! Our third post in this series spotlights Tech Excellence Award winner Pamela Schwartz. Pam is an Peds ED Tech who has worked at AAMC for many years – and it on her way to becoming a nurse! Read an excerpt from her nomination below. Pam, your[…]

  1. Charlotte Wallace: What a wonderful write up for an amazing team player! I couldn't have said it better myself! Congratulations Pam!!

  2. Carol Lacher: What a great tribute for Pam Schwartz's truly outstanding work as a tech. She is amazing in all she does…

Celebrating techs across the hospital: Pathways’ Lisa Luna-Martinez

It’s the second post in our series — we’re celebrating Certified Nursing Assistant’s Week by recognizing AAMC’s Tech Excellence Award winners. Today, we thank Lisa Luna-Martinez, a Chemical Dependency Technician at Pathways, for her exceptional work. Check out an excerpt from her nomination below. Lisa, keep up the great work. On behalf[…]

Happy CNA Week! Celebrating techs across the hospital: JSC’s Kathy Eskew

Happy Certified Nursing Assistant’s Week! To celebrate, we are shining the spotlight on our Tech Excellence Award winners. First up in this blog series is Kathy Eskew, a PCT II on Joint and Spine. Check out an excerpt from her nomination below. Wow, Kathy, you are an inspiration! Nurses couldn’t do what[…]

  1. Julie: Kathy is an amazing CNA ! alway's willing to help in any way :) love working with her.