Does continuing education impact your professional development? Tell us more.

AAMC is proud to be able to offer many educational courses throughout the year. Last year, about a thousand of you attended classes and received contact hours!   We want to know more about how these courses impacted your professional development. If you were awarded contact hours over the last year, share[…]

  1. jmanlapaz: Absolutely! I'm not in school and to update myself, I either attend inservices, seminars or do the Nursing Spectrum CE…

  2. Carrie Jackson: Taking part in these wonderful educational offerings help us to be better nurses to our patients, our colleagues, and help…

  3. Deb Keane: Easiest survery ever !

AAMC’s new Journal Club starts July 1

The members of AAMC’s Nursing Research Council are always looking for creative ways to bridge the research/practice gap. Coming this July, we are proud to announce a new monthly Journal Club! Join us for a lively discussion – we’ll agree, we’ll disagree, we’ll laugh, we’ll learn. Journal Clubs are a[…]

  1. Joyce Miller: Link to "read over the summary of the ACE Star Model" is not working.

    • monicam: Thanks, Joyce. Fixed it!

Charlotte Wallace, RN, featured in Advance for Nurses

Anyone who knows Charlotte Wallace, AAMC’s sustainability coordinator, knows she is passionate about environmental health. Since she began her work with the Green Team six years ago, AAMC has implemented many new policies and programs to ensure a safer and healthier environment for our patients, staff, and community – all[…]

  1. Brandy: Charlotte, you are an awesome ambassador of us! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  2. Deb Keane: Way to go, Charlotte ! You are such an inspiration !

Cathaleen Ley and Cindy Mueller shine at the GEM Awards

On June 11, AAMC nurses Cindy Mueller BSN, RN, (left) and Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN, were honored as nominees for Nurse.com‘s GEM Awards. GEM stands for Giving Excellence Meaning, and these two shining stars certainly have demonstrated excellence! Both Cindy and Cathleen were nominated for the award in Advancing and Leading[…]

  1. Deb Keane: I can't think of anyone who deserves it more ! Kudos !

  2. Holly: Congrats to both of you! Well deserved, you make AAMC proud.

  3. Chad: Advancing AAMC's reputation. Stellar!

  4. Charlotte Wallace: Congratualtions, Cathaleen and Cindy, on these well deserved awards!

Homecare nurse writes letter of thanks to Joint Spine Center staff, “I’m in awe.”

We always love receiving letters from fellow nurses and health care staff, we know that impressing these folks is no easy task. This letter will make you smile – it’s one more reason we’re proud to be AAMC nurses. Way to go, Joint Spine staff! As a homecare nurse, I[…]

  1. Cricket: Love you guys!

  2. Tina Andersen: You guys are truly amazing!! What a great letter!

How’s your nonverbal communication? Find out at the June 21 Lunch & Learn.

As we communicate, body language accounts for more than half of our message. Learn more about how to start using body language to improve your day-to-day communications, as well as the most effective body language techniques. Lunch and Learn: Non-Verbal Communication Friday, June 21 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. Rotary Room[…]

Patient expresses “respect, admiration and gratitude” to Cardiac Rehab

Props to Cardiac Rehab! A patient expresses her thanks for a wonderful experience… I am writing this letter to commend to the members of your Cardiac Rehab staff, Teri Harding, Carol Frazer, Dianne Walters, and Tom Leahy, as well as Dr. Barbara Furlow for their outstanding supervision and guidance during[…]

  1. Kathy Groody: I could not agree more, you all inspire patients each and every day. I miss working with you! Kathy

  2. Candy Costantini: WAY TO GO!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Keep up the good work.

Show off your innovation at the MNA Convention poster session!

The Maryland Nurses Association is hosting the 110th Annual Convention to highlight the accomplishments of professional nurses who, through their professional practice, have helped expand horizons for better outcomes. Nurses from all disciplines and all healthcare or academic settings are invited to submit abstracts for the Mae Muhr Nursing Excellence[…]

Unit Champions attend CAUTI Prevention Boot Camp

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) is the most common, preventable, device-associated infection – 80% of all UTI’s come from catheters. Last week, 41 CAUTI Prevention Boot Camp attendees kicked off a housewide CAUTI initiative. They covered topics like specific indications for catheter use (and when not to use them),[…]

  1. Christine Frost: This is a great opportunity to bring vendors and experts to one location and allow staff to gain knowledge on…