Welcome addictions nurse liaison, Misty Milbrodt, RN

Starting April 1, Pathways addictions nurse liaison, Misty Milbrodt, RN, will be available at our main hospital as a resource for staff caring for patients with substance abuse disorders. Misty will serve as an advocate for these patients while they are inpatient or being treated in the ED, helping with[…]

  1. carol Namo: Welcome Misty !!

  2. Kenya: Welcome Misty!!

Darlene Riddle, RN, makes Joint Commission prep fun!

Darlene Riddle, RN, on 6 South is prepping her unit to shine during our next Joint Commission survey. She does mock tracers, as well as random mini “unannounced unit visits,” then communicates back to the staff what she has found.  Starting around Valentine’s Day, Darlene posted little hearts around the unit,[…]

  1. Marianne McKiernan: Great ideas!

Patient’s wife thanks Joint/Spine staff for “expertise, thoughtfulness and care”

A letter of thanks from a patient’s wife, acknowledging the interdisciplinary team who made her husband’s surgery and recovery so successful. Way to go, Joint Spine team! My husband recently had double knee replacement surgery. Steven Faust, MD, was the surgeon and the surgery was textbook perfect. Unfortunately, when the epidural wore[…]

  1. Christine Schaeffer: Fantastic job ladies. It is great to see you recognized for all of your hard work.

  2. Eve Sage: Congratulations everyone, what a nice letter of recognition to a wonderful group of care providers.

Bob O’Bryhim, RN, honored with DAISY Award

Congratulations to Bob O’Bryhim, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. The DAISY Award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses — honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide to their patients every day. As per AAMC tradition, Bob was surprised by a crowd of colleagues and friends who secretly[…]

  1. Mary Cohn: Congratulations, Bob! You are so deserving!

  2. carol brumsted: Well deserved, Bob! I am proud to work among such excellent nurses as yourself. Thanks for being YOU!

  3. Sandy Fox: Great Job Bob! We love you!

  4. TERESA PUTSCHER: Congratulations Bob, no one deserves this more. You are the nurse I want taking care of me or my famioly…

  5. Mary Gillis: I couldn't agree more that Bob deserves this award and recognition. He took care of my Mom in April of…

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Walking together for stronger, healthier babies — join us!

The March of Dimes improves the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. It funds research and programs to help moms have healthy pregnancies and supports families when their baby needs help to survive and thrive. Established in 1938, it’s one of America’s oldest and most respected[…]

Special Care Unit celebrates 60 days with no falls!

At the end of February, the staff on the Special Care Unit (SCU) celebrated 60 straight days without a patient fall! Though always diligent, it is no easy feat for the staff to keep 12 (almost always) high fall risk patients out of harm’s way. The SCU staff use multiple[…]

  1. Eve Sage: Congratulations to the staff on SCU celebrating 60 fall free days!!! Such an accomplishment for patient safety, thanks for all…

  2. Danette Readling: Awesome SCU! Great teamwork!

AAMC Nurses represent at Nurses Lobby Night in Annapolis

On February 18, a huge group of AAMC nurses represented the Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) at Nurses Lobby Night in Annapolis. Wow is all I can say! What a great experience it was to see over 250 nurses from the state of Maryland come together to advocate for themselves and[…]

  1. Kim McCarthy: Listening to the view of nurses in politics was a definite new experience. Looking at the biographies of the delegates…

  2. Charlotte Wallace: Thank you for your time and comittment to true change. Very proud of you for speaking up on behalf of…

  3. Brandy Brown: I attended as well. It was a wonderful opportunity for nursing to be united on issues that we are passionate…