MAGNET MONDAY: Ruth Burall, RN, partners with patient and family for “beautiful and peaceful” end of life

Nurses have always been at the bedside of dying patients. Our role in providing the highest quality of remaining life and support at the end of life for both patients and their families is traditional, accepted, and expected. At AAMC, we are empowered to respond to our patients needs –[…]

  1. Clint Welch: Fantastic nursing story, fantastic nurse!

  2. Linda Weiss: Hi Ruth, Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this with us, this story stirs memories. The world would be a…

  3. Linda Frazier: Oh, Ruth, your story made me cry. This is what nursing should be like. You focused on the needs of…

  4. Michelle Donovan: Conforming to a patient's individual needs is a special talent of nurses, especially as their patient is dying. Ruth -…

  5. peyton: this is beautiful treatment for a nurse to go above the call of duty as a nurse to make a…

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MAGNET MONDAY: Caring for the quads- a spotlight on social worker Stephanie Schneider

At AAMC, we utilize an interdisciplinary team to care for families as a whole. That’s Magnet. Meet Stephanie Schneider — a social worker who had the pleasure of working with the family of quadruplets recently born at AAMC. From providing education about the roles of the health care team to providing home[…]

  1. Cindy Mueller: Great job caring for the whole family.

Are you in nursing school? $5,000 could be yours with a Foundation scholarship!

The Nursing Scholarship Program was established in 1990 as a memorial to Marlene Reiter, RN, a staff nurse at AAMC. Since then, funds have been donated by family, friends and community organizations to continue support of this valued program. The scholarship fund is designed to encourage and support AAMC employees who are[…]

  1. nancy barbetti: Hi Jenn, I am trying to get course descriptions from several of my masters classes that I had taken in…

A patient praises all GSU staff — and Heidi Smith and Allison Drummond “are what nursing is all about”

This patient wrote in to recognize our “excellent” General Surgical Unit – and three wonderful nurses who made a lengthy hospital stay feel more like home. This is an extremely hard letter to write. I was a patient on the 5th floor during the last few months and I had[…]

Lights, camera, action! Evelyn Farkas, RN, cares for cast and crew in this non-traditional nursing role

Evelyn on the set of Parks and Recreation in Washington D.C. Evelyn Farkas, RN, loves her job as a Mother/Baby nurse at AAMC, but when the movies come to town, she is ready to transform her nursing skills to serve a very different population. Whether filming a movie, a television show,[…]

  1. Geri: What fun! Thanks for sharing this great story with us :)

MAGNET MONDAY: A patient “confession” and thanks to Preop, OR and HVU

Another patient letter of thanks, this time to Preop, OR, and HVU. Clearly, the little things mean a lot to our patients… This is Magnet. An interdisciplinary team offering excellent patient care. It’s as simple as that. Great job, everyone! I just checked out of your hospital and I have[…]