Pediatric Tour made hospitalization easier for this brave little patient

My 6 year-old grandson, Tristan, was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Even though this was a traumatic experience for the whole family, our own AAMC was a tremendous help. Two weeks before the symptoms of his diabetes started, we went to the Surgical Services “Bring Your Kids to[…]

  1. carol Namo: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I am very happy that Tristan got to go on that tour before…

  2. Evelyn Rochlin: Great story Kathy, What a brave little trooper. Hope he's feeling better soon. Evelyn

    • Silvia: He sounds like an amazing little boy! Hope he continues to do well :)

AAMC Nurses shine at MNA Conference

Way to go, AAMC Nurses! Several of our own were honored at the 109th Annual Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) Conference, held on October 18-19 here at AAMC.   Marianne McKiernan, RN, who works on the Observation Unit, was presented with the “Outstanding Nurse Practice” award for her continued success in making positive changes for her staff[…]

8 words nurses don’t say anymore

“This is the way we’ve always done it.” In today’s healthcare environment, this is no longer acceptable. Instead, evidence-based practice (EBP) is the foundation for professional nursing practice, ensuring that our patients receive the best and most current nursing care. Patients who receive evidence based care have better clinical outcomes. Sackett[…]

  1. KP Verow McLaughlin: In response to those eight words I usually respond, "If we didn't change the way we ALWAYS DID IT we…