Inaugural season for AAMC softball teams fun for all!

On August 10th, two AAMC softball teams took the field for the first time. Team Energize and the AAMC Hammers were born! Thirty-three employees from all over the institution came together to represent our hospital on the softball field playing (and winning) a game we love.  After a few meet[…]

  1. Gena Ryan: Great job Team Energize and AAMC Hammers!!! Great season!

Sweet success for the Diabetes Update seminar

The second annual Diabetes Update for Diabetes Resource Champions and others interested was held Tuesday, Sept. 18th. The theme this year was Diabetes Management and Cardiovascular Disease. Fifty nurses, pharmacists and dietitians heard some outstanding and informative talks, given by three of our own physicians.  Cardiologist Marco Mejia, MD discussed[…]

  1. carol Namo: I am glad that this will be available on video and offered for CEUs. Thank you Pat and Margaret and…

  2. Brandy: I wish I could have attended, but I'm glad that you will make it available on video and for offering…

The skinny on hospital acquired pressure ulcer prevention

Kudos to each of the eleven hospitals units that participated in the Q3 2012 National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) pressure ulcer study on 9/12. A special shout out to our wound care, ostomy and continence nurse, Michelle Perkins BSN, RN, WOCN, for all of her work in educating[…]

  1. Cindy Mueller: NICU is pressure ulcer free!

Why we stay in Oncology: Lessons in patient care not taught in the classroom

Caregiver fatigue is no secret: it happens. The shifts are long, the work is physical, and the emotional strain can be overwhelming. Despite this, nurses and patient care technicians come back day after day, providing exemplary care, and giving of themselves. The Oncology staff has the honor and privilege of[…]

  1. Lorraine Antel: Oncology nurses and techs are just beautiful people.I have worked there on a few occasions and have left feeling so…

  2. carol Namo: Cheryl, thank you for sharing. It just reminds me more of why I am here. You are right. We do…

  3. Lizaida Rivas: This article depicted the true meaning of what Oncology nurses' face on a daily basis; it's the small things that…

  4. Charlotte Wallace: Thank you for sharing your gift with so many.

  5. Ann Marie Pessagno: The lessons that I learned from my patients, families and the staff that worked side by side with me in…

Academy participants LEAD the way

The LEAD Academy, an exciting new frontline leadership development program, begins Sept 26, 2012 at a dinner with Tori Bayless and Sherry Perkins to welcome and congratulate the participants. The academy participant will be provided with monthly workshops on various leadership topics. AAMC has partnered with the Advisory Board Company[…]

  1. Vicky Timerman: Kudos to Valerie Donaldson and Denise Matteson from ESP for being a part of this innovative program!!

September 1st marked the initiation of Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening (CCHD)

Congenital Heart Disease is the most common birth defect, affecting 8 in 1000 infants. Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) brings a significant risk of morbidity and mortality if not diagnosed soon after birth. The goal of CCHD screening using pulse oximetry is to identify those newborns with critical heart defects[…]

  1. Kristina: Thanks for taking the lead in this life saving program Cindy!!!

  2. Kirstin: Proud of our educator for taking the lead on this project!

    • Cindy Mueller: Thank you Kirstin. I am so proud of our Women's and Children's staff for the successful implementation of this initiative.

      • Carrie: Great job CINDY ;)

  3. tina andersen: What an accomplishment! Great job Cindy!

  4. Kami Todd, MSN, RNC-NIC: As a soon-to-be Mom, again...and a Fetal Cardiac Research Nurse...I can not stress, enough, the importance of newborn CCHD screening.…

    • Cindy Mueller: Thank you for your words of support Kami! Congratulations on your new baby to be!

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Pillow Talk

On September 25th, Surgical Services will join most of AAMC with the conversion from disposable to reusable pillows.    This initiative is a huge step in the right direction for big financial savings (we pay both in and out the door), decreased CO2 emissions (transportation to us) and decreased landfill waste.[…]

UNDER THE SEA in the Wound and Hyperbaric Chamber

No, the wound center staff is not dying their hair “Little Mermaid” red; nor are we singing Disney show tunes.  Instead, we have added the Hyperbaric Center in the form of two state of the art Sechrist Monoplace hyperbaric chambers in their own specially designed suite.  Why the “Under the[…]

  1. Anita Smith: So very proud of my departments and a big "thank you" to all that have helped us get the "Hyperbaric…

  2. carol Namo: Wow! This is so exciting. I worked in a hospital in Wichita, Kansas that has one and took a neighbor…