A CAUTI scavenger hunt on CCU? What they learned…

Back in November 2011, the Medical Surgical Unit (MSU) began working on reduction of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). The Emergency Department (ED) staff were strong partners in this effort, since most of MSU’s patients are admitted from the ED. Their success has been contagious! In June, a group[…]

  1. Anne Van Waes: I am thrilled to see the energy and excitement generated in the CCU for the prevention of catheter associated infections!…

Be inspired! Charlotte’s Iron Girl story

Last year, I was inspired by Sherry Perkins, our COO/CNO, who completed the Iron Girl triathlon and blogged about it. I decided I too could be an Iron Girl—if only I knew how to really swim (instead of just treading water with a little kick). Inspired to show my two[…]

  1. Evelyn Rochlin: Way to go Charlotte! I'm sure your daughters are very impressed. Evelyn

  2. Deb Keane: What an inspirational story ! You are definitely an Iron Girl!

  3. Jessie Benson: charlotte is a great co-worker. she has ask me to do iron gril next year and i thank i will.

  4. Jane McMurray: Dear Charlotte, What a great story. Jane McMurray

  5. Chad: Charlotte is always a n inspiration!

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Check out the AAMC Iron Girls!

  Before sunrise on Sunday, August 19, a team of AAMC staff crowded into the transition area at Centennial Park, where more than 1,500 bicycles were racked tightly together. They were mentally and physically preparing for a tough morning: a .6 mile swim, 17.5 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run[…]

  1. monica: So proud of us! Way to go!

  2. Charlotte Wallace: So who's in for next year?

  3. Deb: What an amazing team ! What a shining example ! All of you are to be commended !

What’s new in Surgical Services? Check out Nia’s Notes

Keeping up with what is going on around the hospital can be tough. One way to keep up with everyone? Your department’s newsletters! We’ll post here on the blog so others around the house can benefit from your great initiatives, ideas, and articles. Introducing Nia’s Notes, the first addition of the Surgical[…]

  1. Kelly Swan: I cannot open the link to the newsletter but I'd love to know what's new on in Surgical Services.

    • monicam: Thanks for letting us know, Kelly. Here's another way to view when you are in-house: go to globalshare and click…

Meet “the brains” on Neuro Care

                  The Neuro Care Unit (NCU) is a  newer unit at AAMC, specializing in various neurological disorders. This team includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and dieticians. In order to stay up to date on evidence-based practices,[…]

From bedside to barn, Brittany keeps busy!

We spend many hours side-by-side with our coworkers, helping each other through long and busy shifts. Something I discovered recently — when you do finally get to sit down, take a break, and start chatting with these people that you spend a good portion of your life with, it’s amazing what[…]

  1. Sue Kozel: I agree. It is truly surprising to hear what things our work families are into if we have the time…

  2. Cindy Mueller: Nice story!

  3. Deb Keane: I would never have known that about Brittany - great story and I hope to read more !

MAGNET MONDAY: Thanks for voting! Our Magnet Journey to Excellence logo is…

Recently, you voted to select AAMC’s Magnet Journey to Excellence logo. Here’s the winner! You’ll be seeing this on all our Magnet communications and around the house, on the nursing web site, and of course, on the blog.  As always, thanks for your input. Now stay tuned… over the next[…]

  1. carol Namo: I like it!!