AAMC rocks at 2012 Maryland Patient Safety Conference!

The 8th Annual Maryland Patient Safety Conference, themed “Layers of Safety,” was held at the Baltimore Convention Center last week. This year, over 65 staff from AAMC attended the conference. In addition to our strong presence, AAMC was honored to present a break-out session and two posters related to the[…]

  1. Uncle Larry: Congrats Holly. You make us all proud.

MAGNET MONDAY- Barbara Studer-Baer, RN, finds an opportunity for autonomy

At AAMC, opportunities for autonomy are all around us. Here’s one such story from the halls of the Critical Care Unit (CCU): Barbara Studer-Baer, RN, saw last year’s Bedside Scientist Grant as an opportunity for autonomy. She was looking at ways to reduce ventilator days and length of stay in[…]

  1. Linda: Way to go Barbara! Your patients and colleagues thank you for thinking forward. Linda

  2. Janet: Awesome job Barb!!!

  3. Anon: Awesome job Barb!

  4. Kathy Groody: Thanks for all your work to improve patient outcomes in CCU ! Kathy G

  5. Holly Greever RN: Barbara, Kudos to you and your team for such innovative care focused on what is best for your patients. Your…

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Calling all Bedside Scientists — apply for a $1000 grant

The Nursing Evidence-Based Practice/Research Council is now accepting grant applications for evidence-based quality improvement projects and clinical research projects. The grant amount is $1,000. Click here for an application. In order to apply for funding, the following conditions must be met: Applicants must be completed and returned to Cathaleen Ley by May 4, 2012 All[…]

  1. Kathy Groody: Congrats to Barb for taking the initiative to improve patient outcomes!! Kathy Groody

Joanne Ebner, RN, receives award for smoking cessation article

Congratulations to AAMC’s Cancer Prevention nurse Joanne Ebner, BSN, RN, who received an Honorable Mention from the Oncology Nursing Society’s (ONS) Special Interest Group (SIG) newsletter for their Best Article Award. In this featured article, “Quitting Smoking: Is it Ever too Late?”, Joanne reviews the benefits of quitting smoking, even after a cancer diagnosis. What do you think about texting smokers’[…]

  1. Cathaleen Ley: Congratulations!

  2. Charlotte Wallace: Congratulations, Joanne! Thanks for sharing your talents with us and our community.

PFCC at our fingertips: CaringBridge and AAMC partner to help connect patients and their loved ones.

CaringBridge and AAMC have partnered officially this past year — allowing our families, patients and employees to access CaringBridge directly from our website.  CaringBridge is a free health social network and resource that connects people who are experiencing a significant health challenge. It allows patients or their loved ones to[…]

Bridget Stone, RN shares loss of husband, honors him through charitable foundation.

I am Bridget Stone and I work as an IV nurse in the Vascular Access Department. This past October, my husband, Dan, went into the hospital with chest pain. He was evaluated and it was decided that the best course of action was bypass surgery. After a week of tests, he[…]

  1. Kim Medford: Bridget,Our IV Team is small in numbers,but large in heart! We are in awe of your strength and compassion. We…

  2. Debbie Sears: Bridget, What a wonderful tribute to your husband. He would be so proud of you. It will be such a…

  3. Christine: What a wonderful way to honor his memory and keep his passion for sports alive. Your strength is remarkable.