Time is ticking away. Have you applied for your scholarship yet?

AAMC Foundation will award twelve $5,000 scholarships this year! Scholarship applications are now being accepted. Deadline to submit is March 1, 2012.  Here’s another testimony from Holly Greever, RN, (pictured on the right with donors) who works in Labor & Delivery and is one of our new Magnet Coordinators. Holly[…]

“We gained a family,” says patient’s husband in heartfelt letter to IR staff

A letter from a patient’s husband: he recently lost his wife, but remembers the care she received at AAMC. In this beautiful affirmation, we see how the staff of Interventional Radiology touched the lives of this family — and have become a part of that family.  To the doctors, nurses, and staff at Interventional[…]

  1. Kelly Higdon: They were wonderful people and we all loved taking care of them and helping them to be more comfortable. I…

Giving back – Volunteers needed for Homeless Resource Day

Clinical and non-clinical volunteers are needed for the 4th Annual Homeless Resource Day. Saturday, March 31 Glen Burnie High School 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. What is Homeless Resource Day? A “one-day, one-stop” event where individuals and families experiencing homelessness can access benefits, medical and dental care, substance abuse resources, mental[…]

  1. Eve Sage: Dear Nursing Staff, As of today all 8 of the nursing shifts have been filled. For those that were not…

Finding ways to make our patients smile: you’ve got to see this!

Saw this while I was rounding on 2 North today – Hope Boerum, RN, India Gross, PCT, and Naomi Abney, RN, found a way to make a patient smile. When the patient went to take a shower, this crew made these two swans out of our fabulous AAMC towels. They even placed[…]

  1. carol Namo: What a great inspiration! That was awsome. Thanks you two.

  2. Geri: sweet!

  3. Cheryl Briggs: What a cute story and what a great way to bring happiness to a hospitalized patient!

  4. Kathy: You guys are awesome!! Way to go! Remember SSU is just around the corner if you ever need anything!

Scholarship opportunity for nursing and allied health

Here’s another scholarship opportunity available for our nursing and allied health staff! The Maryland Association for Health Care Recruitment has established funding for two scholarships: one Nursing scholarship in the amount of $2,000, and one Allied Health scholarship in the amount of $2,000. These scholarships are awarded in memory of[…]

Kathy Cacioppo, RN, honored with DAISY Award by former patient

Congratulations to Kathy Cacioppo, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. The DAISY Foundation and award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses, honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide their patients every day. Kathy, who works on the Short Stay Unit, was honored today by a slew of fans[…]

  1. lynn dorsey: Congrats Kathy! You've always been such a great nurse and person!

    • Kathy: Thank you Lynn!

  2. Carla Gore: Congratulations Kathy! You were my nurse when I had a hernia repair a few yrs ago, and you took great…

    • Kathy: Thank you Carla!

  3. Gena: You are awesome Kathy! I always look forward to seeing you in post-op when I'm working there.

    • Kathy: Thank you Gena!

  4. Kristina Gibson: Congratulations Kathy!! This is a HUGE honor!!

    • Kathy: Thank you Kristina!

  5. Raylean: Congratulations Kathy! What an honor! I am so proud of you!

    • Kathy: Thanks Ray! It was an unreal day. One I will treasure always. Miss you and can't wait to see you--hopefully…

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Patient’s family thanks Thelma Andres, RN – “I felt exceptionally at ease knowing she was on the job”

A patient’s family member writes in to thank Thelma Andres, RN, who made a difference in the lives of her patient and his family — just by doing what she does each day. Thank you, Thelma. What an inspiration you are to all of us! On behalf of my entire[…]

  1. lynn dorsey: That's Thelma! Always dependable and with a smile!

  2. Jazmin: Thelma, i've known you for a long time as a friend & co-worker so I do know you take good…

  3. Mary Owens: Go Thelma!

  4. Geri: Thelma, Making it great every day! It's no secret you are a treasure, now more people know it too. Geri

  5. Charlotte McLean RN: I would hazard to guess that Thelma has made a profound impression on all who have worked with her. She…

Diversion Time on SCU – using games, music and puzzles to encourage healing

“On one sunny afternoon in the family lounge of SCU, two elderly, confused female patients were sitting in gerichairs. I set a colorful, wooden puzzle of alphabet letters in front of one patient. I removed the pieces and explained to her how to match them on the board. At first,[…]

  1. carol Namo: What a great and wonderful concept!! We could use that on our confused patients on Oncology. It may or may…

    • Rebecca: We use all kinds of things, puzzles (large wood type), cards, games and music. A lot of items were purchased…

  2. mary: How do I get more information about this? Types of supplies to purchase,etc.

  3. Mary Etta Barbour: How wonderful! And what a great idea! Can I come play?

    • Rebecca: We always welcome visitors, if you would like to check out our activities please feel free.

  4. Christine: We have had 50 days with no fall on SCU. I asked the staff what is making the difference. The…

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Thank a PeriAnesthesia Nurse! Celebrating their specialty Feb. 6-12

February 6-12 celebrates Perianesthesia Nurses Week. Please join the nurses of the ACP 2 and Edwards Pavilion as we reflect on our contributions to quality care in Surgical Services. What does a PeriAnesthesia nurse do? They work closely with an anesthesiologist and follows specific guidelines to prepare patients for surgery[…]