Medical marijuana — AAMC’s Medical Ethics Committee weighs in on March 7.

The Medical Ethics Committee will host a lunch and discussion on Wednesday, March 7 at 12:30pm in the Doordan Institute to discuss the new medical marijuana bill that recently passed the Maryland Senate. While medical marijuana patients can still be arrested for criminal marijuana possession, Senate Bill 308 will allow[…]

Once upon a time in the OR…

Thanks, Chris Holt, RN, for sending in this inspiring story from the OR about a sweet little girl and her teddy. Proof that the little things our staff do each day are not so little. Once upon a time, in a medical center by the water, there were some nurses and doctors[…]

  1. Amina: Chris, that was a greast story and it should be published for all little girls and boys to read when…

  2. Evelyn Rochlin: Chris, What an adorable story. I can tell that you must be a very good father! Thanks, Evelyn

  3. Joyce Becker: Chris, great story, sure miss your creativity, loved this read, great way to start my day

Need a smile? You gotta see this — music from the heart of AAMC

In an unprecedented multidisciplinary team effort, the Rock the Heart Month music video was created and performed by AAMC staff, physicians, auxiliary and local EMS to promote cardiovascular wellness during Heart Month.  “Multidisciplinary rounding and teamwork is the cornerstone patient care in the Heart and Vascular Institute,” says Linda Weiss,[…]

Scholarship deadline March 1 – apply today for your nursing scholarship!

AAMC Foundation will award twelve $5,000 scholarships this year! Scholarship applications are now being accepted. Deadline to submit is March 1, 2012.  Here’s another testimony from Ann Marie Holland, RN, (top right) who works in Clinical Education & Professional Development and Edwards Surgical Units. Ann Marie received the Shirley A.[…]

Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month, or National African American History Month, is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. Siasa Neel, RN, sent us this picture of the poster display on OBS, honoring two inspiring African American[…]

No longer new grads – the Feb 2011 cohort celebrates!

Last week, we celebrated the graduation of our Feb 2011 new grads from our Nursing Graduate Internship, a year-long program that supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and[…]

  1. Mary Cohn: Congratulations to all, especially Nick and Octavia! It is great to have you part of our MSU team/family.Looking forward to…

  2. Christine: I am always amazed and so proud of our new grads-it is so wonderful to see them grow and gain…

  3. Marita Kellers: Congratulations to all of you. I know that you will continue to grow and make positive contributions to your patients,…

  4. Eve Sage: Congratulations to all! Best of luck as you begin your nursing profession!! These are exciting and inovative times in nursing,…

  5. Jill Smitley: Chrissy so glad you're working with us!

AAMC to host Critical Care Consortium

Beginning March 2, AAMC is set to host the Chesapeake Critical Care Consortium – a nationally recognized critical care nursing orientation. Approximately 17 hospitals in the Baltimore metropolitan area participate in this event, which bases its teaching on the American Association of Critical Care Nurses curriculum. Topics during the eight[…]

  1. Rande Dent: AAMC nurses who need to meet Telemetry Course requirements, should take both Day 1 and Day 3 classes and test…