Flu shots at the Light House – thank you to AAMC nursing volunteers!

Homeless persons and those living in shelters may have a higher risk of contracting influenza because of their living conditions, stressed immune systems, and close contact with highly transient persons.   AAMC’s Community Service Initiative (CSI) saw this need in our local community and worked with our staff to meet it. Over two[…]

  1. Brandy Brown: Way to go all, special shout out to our HVU nurses!!!

The voice of the patient – at orientation?

There’s a fresh face at new employee orientation. Since August, new employees have been, quite literally, hearing the voice of our patients through Kermit Wright, one of AAMC’s patient family advisors.  Mr. Wright has been a patient in several of AAMC’s departments over the years. Now, twice a month, he[…]

  1. Geri: Love this guy! You can tell him I said so. What a blessing to us to have him share his…

What are your patient’s nutritional needs? Check out the Nutrition Care Manual–available online.

The Nutrition Care Manual (NCM) is an evidence-based resource published by the American Dietetic Association. By policy, it is the approved standard reference supporting nutrition care within the health system. NCM is available on all computers within the medical center campus and will soon be joined by the Pediatric Nutrition[…]

Are You Gellin’?

The Vascular Access Team and their patients with central lines are totally gellin’. Last September, the IV Therapists began using a new type of central line dressing to help reduce the risk of infection. A silicone gel pad in the center of the dressing is infused with an antiseptic called[…]

Community Service Initiative seeking new members–apply here!

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient.  It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” -Dorothy I. Height, former chair and president emerita of the National Council of Negro Women. Volunteering and providing[…]

Here are the questions. Come to the EBP Fair to find out the answers.

The Evidence-Based Practice Fair is coming up next week. Here, the research questions our staff will present. All we can say is WOW. See you there! Special Care Unit- In confused patients, what is the effect of a specialized altered mental status unit compared to a typical med surg unit on patient[…]

  1. Kelly Swan: Can't wait. Follow the footprints!

Building Your Diversity Communications Tool Box

Having trouble communicating with your patient? AAMC has a tool box full of resources! Join us for an informative Lunch & Learn, the second in a series, presented by the Diversity Nursing Initiative. Guest speaker and patient advocate Kathy Whittaker, BSN, RN, will help staff to identify and overcome communication barriers, as well as introduce communication[…]

National coverage and endorsements for new AAMC “talk show”

As published in the Capital, Oct. 29: HEALTHY IDEA – Congratulations to Anne Arundel Medical Center for taking a step toward educating people about health issues. The hospital has just held the first of its monthly “DocsTalk” programs – part entertainment and part education. With a format similar to “The[…]