American Diabetes Month at AAMC

In celebration of American Diabetes Month, AAMC’s diabetes educators and diabetes resource nurses did what they do best – educate! On November 16, they set up tables at the South Port cafeteria and talked with over 200 passing patients, families, and staff about nutrition and exercise, pre-diabetes, and diabetes services[…]

Support the AAMC Surgical Eye Team’s trip to Guatemala. Bakers and shoppers needed.

Last year, the AAMC’s Surgical Eye Team performed 38 life changing pediatric strabismus surgeries in Guatemala. Strabismus is a vision problem in which both eyes do not look at the same point at the same time. Without surgery, many children and adults face a lifetime of challenges. Read about last year’s visit: AAMC staff and[…]

“I love working for askAAMC!” says Janet Henery, RN

“You never know what kind of job you’re going to fall in love with,” I recently read in Scrubs magazine (free in the Bayside gift shop). The article, Nice Job, spotlights several unusual and interesting nursing careers.  I was elated to see telephone triage (what I do at askAAMC) was[…]

  1. Saisa Neel: Janet---your personality is the kind that MAKES AskAAMC so Great!! Keep up the Excellent work!!

  2. Linda Davies: Janet, I am with you, I also love working at ASKAAMC. I love the smart educated nurses that I get…

  3. chad: So proud to be part of this team. Often humbled as one of the non-clinical resources. We are proudly becoming…

World Prematurity Day – celebrated by staff, families, and NICU grads!

Across the world, one million babies die each year because they were born too early, another 12 million struggle to survive.  On November 17, AAMC’s NICU observed World Prematurity Day. This campaign, sponsored by the March of Dimes, raises global awareness surrounding the problem of premature birth.  About 500 babies are[…]

  1. Carolyn Chunn: What a wonderful article Chona!! I have been a NICU nurse for approximately 18 years. Seeing graduates of all ages…

  2. Mama Lisa: I couldn't have said it better! I just completed my training as a Tech II in the NICU (formerly a…

  3. Diana Dupski, RN: I am so HAPPY to have joined the wonderful NICU team !!!!

Did you find the CLUES?

The First Annual Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Fair was a success! The EBP Council thanks all 28 departments who participated. Each poster showcased how AAMC is using EBP to improve our patient outcomes.   On the right, members of the EBP Committee show their CLUE spirit. View the rest of the pictures on[…]

  1. Cheryl Briggs: Thank you to everyone who participated in the fair and all who attended.

Supporting our senior nurses – Jane McMurray’s story

When I was in my 20’s, I began my nursing career at AAMC (then Anne Arundel General Hospital). I started on A3, which was the Medical Unit, then worked on the Postpartum Unit and in Labor & Delivery. Currently, I work on Mother Baby. Recently, when I turned 62, I[…]

  1. DawnMarie Lombardo: Jane, I have often wondered about just that very sort of thing. Leave it to you to pave the way!…

  2. Jean Judge: When you reach full retirement age (whatever it is for you) you can make as much as you want.

  3. Kathy Sowa: Very inspiring. How do we find out more about SNAC?

  4. Kathleen Doyle: I am so glad to know we won't be losing an outstanding nurse like Jane McMurray to retirement! You're too…

  5. phylis burch: Thanks Jane for stressing the importance of supporting our senior workforce. I was not aware of the options available and…

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Despina Smith, RN, honored with DAISY Award

Congratulations to Despina Smith, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. This national foundation and award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses, honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide their patients every day. Despina was honored on a Saturday evening by her Oncology coworkers, who secretly assembled into a daisy-decorated[…]

  1. Marianne McKiernan: Observation Unit had the pleasure of orienting Despina as a Flex Pool RN. In moments we knew we had an…

  2. Georgia Munson: Congrats Despina! I remember how nervous you were when you began your foray into nursing. You are such an amazing…

  3. Kristina Gibson: Good Job Despina!! It is a true honor to be awarded the Daisy!!

Hypothermia to treat cardiac arrest? AAMC hosts Cardiac Arrest Outcomes seminar.

About 80 participants—physicians, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and Baltimore area hospital representatives—attended the educational seminar, “Optimizing Cardiac Arrest Outcomes: Intra Arrest Actions and Post Arrest Care,” hosted by AAMC on Thursday, Nov. 3. Dr. Benjamin Abella, Clinical Research Director of University of Pennsylvania Center for Resuscitation Science, presented “New Opportunities[…]