AAMC’s Clinical Ladder — the forgotten rung

Did you know that there are three rungs in the clinical ladder?  Since its launch in 2010, 78 nurses have successfully presented their accomplishments before the Clinical Ladder Review Board. Of these, 52 nurses were awarded Level II, 19 nurses were awarded Level III, and only 7 awarded Level I.[…]

  1. Cheryl Walker, RN: I am a Clinical Level 1 nurse. I would like to ask the Professional Development Initiative if a diploma school…

    • Sandy Fox: Great question, thank you so much for asking if our diploma nurses qualify for Level I. Currently the criteria for…

AAMC staff support our community during Run for Shelter

Seventeen volunteers from AAMC braved the elements to support the Run for Shelter on Oct. 2. Volunteers set up three first-aid tables along the half marathon route. Luckily, no one needed their assistance, “but we made great cheerleaders for the runners as they passed our stations,” says Debbie Sears, RN, one of the[…]

National Case Management Week, October 9-15

National Case Management Week is wrapping up, but it’s not too late to say thank you to AAMC’s care coordinators, social workers, utilization review nurses, payer specialists and central support staff. At AAMC, case management staff work with the patient, their families and caregivers, the interdisciplinary team, liaisons/case managers for alternative[…]

  1. Sherri Morgan-Johnson: Again, congratulations to the best team of professionals who make extraordinary things happen at AAMC on a daily basis! Thanks…

  2. Ann Marie Pessagno: These remarkable men and women are the hidden jewels and miracle workers of our team. When you think it just…

  3. Christine: I am often in awe of this group--they are so involved and engadged in assiting our staff, patients and families…

Coming soon — to a bedside near you — our newest PCTs!

Please join us in welcoming the newest participants of AAMC’s Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program! This innovative program was developed to support the professional development of our staff by training current employees or volunteers (who are usually not clinically experienced) for an eventual role as a PCT II. Our current[…]

  1. mbarbour: Observation is looking forward to Octavia joining our team! I hope you enjoy working with the staff of OBS as…

  2. Joan Sadler: Lisa, Good luck with your class--I am certain you will pass with flying colors! Joan

  3. Kelly: Good luck Brett!!! I know you can do it :0) We're pulling for you!

  4. Eve Sage: Jennifer, Brittany & Brett The 5th floor welcomes you! Good Luck with your class. Eve

  5. Christine: Jamika-welcome to SCU-we are looking forward to adding you as part of our team!

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“I’m telling on you” — HOT Cards are now online

Tell on your coworkers. We’re making it easy. AAMC staff go above and beyond every day. Help us recognize them for their hard work and dedication, submit a HOT Card online! Go to the nursing web page at www.aahs.org/nursing and click on the HOT logo on the top right of the[…]

  1. Christine: Deb, We have come such a long way since you first presented this back in 2008! Nice work, you always…

  2. Deb Keane: Yay! What an easy way to recognize our peers for all the hard work they do. It only takes a…

Before, during and after surgery- “nothing but great, kind care”

Excellent care from unit to unit, that’s what we strive for! This patient writes in to express her appreciation for the nurses and techs who cared for her—and her family— before, during, and after surgery. Way to go, team! I would like to express my gratitude for the extreme care[…]

  1. Ellen K.: I also had a great surgical experience at AAMC! Thanks to all the doctors and nurses!

MSU wins Inpatient Satisfaction Banner

AAMC’s Medical Surgical Unit (MSU) has a dedicated group of nurses, PCTS, physician and support staff who, each day, partner to deliver excellent care to their 44 patients. This week, they received the Patient Satisfaction Banner for Highest Inpatient Satisfaction—a wonderful first for this unit. “I am so proud of[…]

  1. Deb: Congratulations to the whole unit!

  2. Christine: So proud of the whole unit and all the staff-what a great accomplishment.

  3. Merlin: Great Job!!!!!!!!! MSU you all did it!!!!!!!!yeaaahhhhhh.

Anna Drapalski, RN, is “role model” and “gift,” says thankful patient

Even when our patients are in pain, a smile and a listening ear can really make a difference. Here, a patient writes in to say thank you to Anna Drapalski, RN, who did just that. In the patient’s own words, “Anna, you rock!”  I would like to call your attention to a most[…]

  1. Barbara Paul: Way to go Anna! Your hard work and dedication are to be modeled by all. Your smile is infectious to…

  2. Adrienne Holmes: I also had Anna as my nurse during a tough time after my son was born prematurely... I don't know…

  3. Joan Sadler: Great job Anna!

Terri Carter, RN, is a “shining star” says patient

A patient expresses her gratitude for the excellent care she received during a recent stay in AAMC’s Special Care Unit. Way to go, Terri! During my stay at this facility, I had the opportunity to interact with many of your tech staff and nurses. You have many who are pleasant and[…]

  1. Rebecca: Terri is very involved with her patients and always tends to their needs promptly and with compassion. We in SCU…

  2. Alicia: WAY TO GO TERRI !!!!!

  3. Paula: I was blessed to be Terri's co-worker for some time. She is a very dedicated, compassionate and skillful nurse and…

  4. Annette: Terri, I completely agree: you are a "shining star" - you compassion and love for our patients are impressive. And…

  5. Christine: Terri is a caring, compassionate RN. We are delighted that she has chosed SCU as her home.