ANA conference, free to members! Nurses as Models of Wellness in Action

Here at AAMC, we’ve been talking non-stop about wellness, Energize, and opportunities to enhance your health. Here’s another opportunity to learn more about about healthy lifestyles and becoming a role model for your peers and patients, brought to you by the American Nurses Association. The Nurses as Models of Wellness in Action conference is coming up on[…]

  1. Chad Dillard: I'm loving how Vision 2020 is coming together. Energize is taking the place by storm. Thanks to all of our…

  2. Kelly Swan: Very cool! Would love to hear feedback from AAMC nurses who attend this conference. E-mail me at or call…

Putting the puzzle together – HVU’s Interdisciplinary Team Rounds

Sometimes, providing excellent care for our patients and families can feel like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. For the best outcomes, everything must fit together perfectly—and this can be a challenge.  How is the Heart and Vascular Unit (HVU) managing this puzzle? Each morning at 10:00 a.m., an interdisciplinary team[…]

From new grads to seasoned nurses – congrats to our July 2010 Nursing Graduate Interns!

Today we celebrated the graduation of our July 2010 new grads from our Nursing Graduate Internship, a yearlong program that supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress[…]

  1. carol Namo: Way To Go Alyssa!! I enjoy working with you at all times. You are a very compassionate nurse with your…

  2. Christine: Seeing our new grads complete their orientation and become such great members of the team is one of the most…

AAMC artists & crafters, raise money for patient care (& show off your stuff!)

Joyce Becker, MSN, RN, CNOR, RN-C (left), works in our Informatics department and is an avid beader. Her jewelry, which she often wears to work, is beautifully crafted. What about you? Are you an AAMC employee who is an artist or crafter? Show off your stuff! Register to showcase and[…]

  1. Abargmann: I think this is a great idea! what fun it will be to see medical staff from a different side.…

Patient thanks ED & HVU staff: “My status was their #1 priority”

A patient expresses his gratitude for the excellent care he received during a recent overnight stay in AAMC’s ED and Heart & Vascular Unit. Way to go, team! I am an 80 year-old business owner who was brought to the ER with complaints of dizziness and vomiting. The ER staff worked[…]

  1. Karen Amoia: Congrats HVU staff!

  2. Reshawnda Russell: Go 4th Floor ......... Great job Ladies & Gentleman!!Congratulations for doing just what we're here to do!!We're number 1 and…

Why join a professional nursing organization?

What are some of the advantages of joining a professional nursing organization? Remaining current in your field or specialty, networking with other nurses and organizations, and continued learning. Professional nursing associations provide an opportunity for professional nurses to develop a bigger picture of nursing and health care overall. Click here[…]

  1. Chona Hamrock: Missing from the list: Academy of Neonatal Nursing Association of Women's Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses I am…

    • monicam: Thanks, Chona! We will add them. Let us know how the conference goes--maybe a Blog story there?

Valerie Donaldson, MSN, RN, CNOR, helps bring technology to the bedside

Valerie Donaldson, MSN, RN, CNOR, is an OR charge nurses in the Edwards Surgical Center and has recently received her Master’s degree in Nursing Informatics from Walden University.  Because the health care system is directly impacted by the growth of technology, Valerie wanted a better understanding of the new technology that is[…]

  1. Jean Judge: Congratulations Valerie Great Job

  2. Ann Marie: Congratulations Valerie, Great Job!!! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

  3. Cindy H-B: Great Work!!!!

  4. Terri Ridel: Valerie, Congratulations! I know how hard you worked on your Master's. You are such a computer whiz!!! Terri

  5. Joyce Becker: Valerie, It was a pleasure being your preceptor, thanks for getting the word out about what you did, congradulations on…

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