Spotlight on Dr. Adeeb Jaber, our Outstanding Physician Partner

Our science tells us that excellent patient results are from excellent team work. When we asked AAMC nurses to recognize an excellent physician partner during Nurses Week 2011, Dr. Adeeb Jaber received dozens of nominations. See his write up,  Doctor from Bowie Named Outstanding Physician Partner at AAMC, at bowie.patch.com/articles/doctor-from-bowie-named-outstanding-physician-partner-at-aamc

  1. Kathy Sowa: YES HE IS DESERVING! and I'm not surprised! Dr. Jaber is one of our very favorites!

  2. Megan T: Congratulations again to Dr. Jaber! I'm sure the nominations for him were overwhelming and fantastic! He is truly deserving of…

Teamwork across units leads to six saved lives

Normally, AAMC performs about 12 emergency angioplasties per month. But on July 7, six patients having active heart attacks arrived in our ED within a 24-hour period. Amazing teamwork occurred as multiple care teams worked together to ensure that each patient received emergency angioplasty within 90 minutes, the national standard.[…]

  1. carol Namo: Wow!!! Fantastic Work to all. You guys are setting the standard for all of us at AAMC. WAY TO GO…

  2. Charlotte Wallace: "AAMC proud!" Congratulations on the amazing teamwork.

  3. chris holt: Wow. you guys must have been growing extra arms and legs! well done! You are setting the bar for our…

  4. Renee Franklin: I would also give Kudos to the Hospital Operators, who did a great job notifing the Cath lab and Physicians.

  5. Marilou Turner: THAT'S WHAT I CALL "TEAMWORK". AWESOME!!!!

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Joplin nurse thanks AAMC – hundreds of donated scrubs “a Godsend”

On May 22, Andrea Queen, RN, lost everything in her work locker as a powerful tornado ripped through Joplin, MO and destroyed St. John’s Regional Medical Center.  Like thousands of her neighbors, Andrea’s home was flattened and both family vehicles were destroyed—they were flung into her bathroom by the force[…]

Patient thanks Heart & Vascular staff for “high level of professionalism”

A patient expresses her gratitude for the excellent care she received during a recent overnight stay at AAMC. Recently, I was a patient on the Heart and Vascular Unit. Throughout my stay, the patient care technicians and nurses were very professional and caring. You are fortunate to have a staff that has achieved[…]

  1. Reshawnda Russell: 4th Floor NIGHT SHIFT TEAMWORK Thank You To All Of My co-workers............Kim M.(Nurse),Marji T.(Tech),Brandon M.(tech),Arthur (Tech in Training with Me),Allison…


  3. Karen Amoia: Congratulations HVU! We are on a roll with meeting and exceeding our patient care expectations. Many of the patients I…

Local high schoolers attend AAMC’s Health Care Exploration Program

In an effort to inspire our community’s young people to consider a career in health care, AAMC started the High School Health Care Exploration program. Now in its fourth year, this “summer camp” fills up months in advance. Its attendees, in many cases, go on to declare college majors in[…]

  1. Chona Hamrock: I am so honored to be a part of this program!! Knowing that we can influence the life decisions of…

New mom thanks two special nurses: Jennifer Wallace, RN & Stacy Veney, RN

Making a difference in our patient’s lives–that’s what this nursing thing is all about. Jennifer Wallace, RN and Stacy Veney, RN shine in this patient’s Baby Story: I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the two nurses, Jennifer Wallace (Labor & Delivery) and Stacy[…]

  1. Liz Cariaga: Way to go, ladies!!! That is awesome!

  2. Holly Greever: Jen and Stacy. So proud of you both. Thank you for representing AAMC and nursing so well. Knowing you both…

Join the Nurses’ Health Study – impacting women’s health for the past 35 years

Investigators at the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are asking female nurses between the ages of 22 and 45 to join the Nurses’ Health Study 3 (NHS3).This is one of the largest and longest running women’s health studies ever conducted. The original Nurses’ Health Study began in[…]

  1. Jean Judge: I have just been invited to join a new ancillary study funded by NIH. The new study involves measuring all…

  2. monicam: I've been a participant for the last two years!

Patient thanks AAMC staff for “incredible, courteous, thoughtful, and supportive” care

An actual letter from a thankful patient: I am a resident of Edgewater and a 27-year Navy Veteran, during which time I had the privilege of commanding two ships. Recently, I experienced a pulmonary embolism and passed out while departing the Medical Clinic at the Naval Academy. I was subsequently[…]