Another way AAMC loves our planet — recyclable sharps containers

Over 30,000 pounds of AAMC’s waste is simply the plastic from sharps containers. The monetary and environmental cost of safely disposing of this waste adds up! How can we lessen our impact?  Starting Tuesday, March 22, reusable sharps containers will be placed throughout AAMC.  These reusable sharps containers will be collected, emptied, cleaned, and inspected by trained[…]

Coming to a bedside near you – the PCT Program is underway

Please join us in welcoming the newest participants of AAMC’s Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program! This innovative program was developed to support the professional development of our staff by training current employees or volunteers (who are usually not clinically experienced) for an eventual role as a PCT II. Our current[…]

  1. Denise: Way to go Denny! I am looking forward to interacting with you in your new role! I am sure you…

  2. Christine: Denny has already made an impression at AAMC as a volunteer on the 2nd floor. His enthusiasm is contagious and…

  3. Elise Morris: MSU is so excited to have Denny join our team! Can't wait to work with you!

  4. Marianne McKiernan: Go Chelsae!!!!

  5. lil Bnachero: The Flex and OBS units are so excited to have Candice,Shirley and Chelsea to be part of our team!! Our…

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theCart: bringing healthy snacks and nursing news to your unit!

The Communications Initiative is pleased to introduce theCart, formerly the Traveling Coffee House. We’ve got healthier snacks, an updated look, and a simple, streamlined plan for communicating with you while you’re on the go. Our goal? To connect you with nursing news and brighten your day. Does your unit, committee,[…]

Health Tours for Youth students confirm Endoscopy is “really cool”

“Really cool!” and “Really gross!” That’s what Annapolis Middle school students had to say about seeing the digestive and pulmonary systems up close during their time spent on the Endoscopy Suite last week. AAMC’s Health Tours for Youth, a program coordinated by Saisa Neel, RN, brings middle schoolers to the[…]