Meet Vanessa Aburn

Meet Vanessa Aburn, AAMC’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning. With more than 25 years of strategic planning, marketing, and operations experience, she brings this perspective: “Marketing is the truth well told.” What is Vanessa’s role here at AAMC? “To continue to build the AAHS/AAMC reputation, role and[…]

  1. Deb Keane: Welcome to AAMC! Great patient care has always been the goal of AAMC and communicating that to the community in…

    • Vanessa: Thanks Deb! Look forward to working with you and happy new year!

  2. Chona Hamrock: Vanessa, you won't be disappointed in our restaurant because we show the all Red Sox games.

    • Vanessa: hi chona! what restaurant?? i need to go to it

  3. Christine: We are very excited and looking forward to all things Vision 2020. Our relationship with the community is growing and…

  4. Denise Schmitt: Hello, Welcome to AAMC! You stated, "Marketing is the truth well told." This is so true! We have a wonderful…

    • Vanessa: Thanks Denise and happy new year!

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AAMC staff published in Journal of Vascular Surgery

Congratulations to AAMC’s own John D. Martin, MD, Patricia B. Warble, CRNP, Jon A. Hupp, MD, Stephen F. Stanziale, MD, Linda L. Weiss, RN, Toni B. Schiller, RN, and Louise A. Hanson, CRNP, who recently published an article in the Journal of Vascular Surgery entitled “A real world analysis of payment per[…]

  1. John Morandi MS, RN: Very interesting study. Data regarding total costs and hours was informative.

We’ve been busy! Your November NSP updates

Below, our Nursing Strategic Plan (NSP) initiatives’ updates for the month of November Care Delivery Model Co-leads: Katie Boston, Rita Linnenkamp. Committee: Carol Bell, Michelle Donovan, Kim Dyson, Kamila Frederick, Malori Iman, Don Jump, Rae Leonard, Renee Lester, Judith Loftice, Miranda Merriman, CJ Rovaldi, Eve Sage, Judy Simpson, Anita Smith,[…]