A Special Care Lullaby

Everyone who works on the Special Care Unit knows that when the sun goes down, our patient’s behavior often changes. “Sundowning” is a state of confusion that usually occurs at the end of the day and into the night, often occurring in people with dementia. Our patients can become agitated,[…]

  1. JK: That's a beautiful story. Brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Kim McCarthy, RN: Nice teamwork! Good job!

Spectrum wants you to be a cover model

With their loyal readers in mind, the cover of Nursing Spectrum’s December issue will be a collage of nurses from around the country reading the magazine. They are asking nurses, nurse educators and nursing students to take photos of themselves and others reading the magazine–the more interesting the photo, the better! So[…]

  1. monicam: And clearly, we would do this away from patient care areas!

SBAR and effective communication save the day!

Did you know that a high bilirubin can cause brain damage in an infant? Kernicterus (high bilirubin) is a highly preventable condition of newborns that leads to severe brain damage or death when neonatal jaundice goes untreated. Recently at AAMC, the lab reported a high bilirubin level for a newborn[…]

  1. Holly Greever RNII: I think this example is applicable to all disciplines. Every unit has patients with lab values, vital signs or other…

How are Advance Directives like Dark Chocolate?

We’re re-posting this story as a reminder to staff–don’t forget to participate in this valuable study! Access the post-survey until Oct. 29. Check your email for the link. They are complex, intense, and often bittersweet. Although we use them in administering patient care every day, advance directives are often confusing to both[…]

PNC, voice of the bedside nurse

  What does PNC stand for?  The Professional Nurse Council. What does the PNC do?  The PNC provides a dynamic forum for the advancement of nursing practice and service excellence. It allows for nurses from all areas to have a voice and a venue to actively participate in the shared governance[…]

A touchdown on OBS? Jen Herzig scores with creative charting reminders

Jen Herzig, RN is at it again! This Quality Council chairperson (and all around super nurse) has created a bulletin board, the “OBS Care Plan Team” to give staff a visual—and hilarious—reminder to chart different aspects of their patient’s care plans and education. It’s worth a visit to Observation to see it[…]

  1. Lil Banchero: This was so creative. You have to see the board in person to appreciate the awesome detail! So come on…

  2. Saisa Neel: Yes! Jen is a SUPER NURSE and a wonderful Charge Nurse. She is definitely a team player. She is patient,…