Consumer Reports Ranks AAMC #1 in Maryland

Consumer Reports has ranked Anne Arundel Medical Center as the top hospital in Maryland, based on HCAHPS survey data measuring patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience.The ranking comes just one month after AAMC was named the sole Maryland hospital to receive the HealthGrades 2009-2010 Outstanding Patient Experience Award, based upon the same HCAHPS survey.

The Youth Movement – The Dangers of Inhalants

In the Spring 2009 issue of AAMC Magazine, we highlighted the story of Janna Zuber, a Mitchellville resident who lost her son Justin to “sudden sniffing death syndrome,” a condition that can occur on the first, fifth, tenth, or hundreth time someone abuses an inhalant – a practice known as “huffing.”

Janna’s story calls attention to a problem outlined a recently-released report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released on March 16, 2009. While the study highlights some positive trends in the rate of adolescent inhalant use, the study also exposes the dangers of inhalants.

“Expanding Our Pediatric Space to better care for some of AAMC’s littlest patients” by Carol Lacher, R.N.

Little patients are a big deal at AAMC. Improving care for this very special patient population is part of our Vision 2010 strategic plan, formulated to meet the needs of AAMC’s patients, staff and community. In Fall 2011, AAMC will celebrate the opening of a dedicated Pediatric ED and Pediatric[…]

  1. Jenn: Agreed, especially as someone that has had my little one here twice now, I am looking forward to the peds…

  2. Christine: As an employee of AAMC and a member of this community, I am glad we are making room for our…

“Nursing Initiatives Connect Staff and Community” by Christine Frost, M.S.N., R.N.

On June 12, AAMC nurses, physicians, and ancillary staff gathered for a multidisciplinary retreat, celebrating the second year of our Nursing Strategic Plan. Lively group discussions focused on moving forward with our current strategic plan, a Magnet overview and gap analysis, and the announcement of two new strategic initiatives: Commitment[…]

  1. Janice Drum: What an exciting week for nursing at AAMC - a new forum for sharing information and connecting with colleagues through…

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