AAMC welcomes families – 24 hours a day

AAMC welcomes families – 24 hours a day

Ever renovate a room? It’s a lot of work, right? Much coordination is needed. 

Now, think about renovating an entire house. Wow, now that is an undertaking. Talk about a lot of work.

That is exactly what the winner of this year’s Janet and Dick Davidson’s Extraordinary Patient- and Family-Centered Care Award accomplished. The Clatanoff Pavilion asked themselves, ”How can we increase family presence and participation?” They did not settle for status quo. This change required much collaboration—there were discussions and surveys with patients and families, staff involvement, multi-disciplinary education, and partnering, not only with patients and families but also with auxiliary, medical staff and support staff. February 1, 2011 marked a significant advance in patient- and family-centered care here at AAMC as the Clatanoff Pavilion rolled out their new visitation guidelines. With this new mindset, who could “visit” was determined by the one being visited—the patient.

Today, June 1,  is another significant day in the history of AAMC. It marks the launch of our new visiting policy across the entire hospital. AAMC is proud to welcome families 24 hours a day, as the patient and/or family wishes. For more information on our visiting policy, click here.

Join us in the new cafeteria today from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. for pineapple cake and pineapples (which are a symbol of welcome). We’ll also hold a celebratory event at 4 p.m. today by the LEED wall on the first floor of Hosp Pavilion South.

Congratulations to all our staff and leadership for this extraordinary advance in patient- and family-centered care. And thank you for your support of this beautiful “renovation” of our visiting policy.

-Rita Linnenkamp, RN

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    Congrats to the Patient and Family advisors and all the leaders of this great work!

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